Start and Park Rules

Any complaints will be sent to Series Race Administrator

4.  There will be no "Hot Pitting". When entering the pits you will have a 5 MPH cushion. Anything over that will be considered hot pitting. There will be random reviews of pit stops in order to make sure this rule is followed. If you exceed the pit lane speed limit with a cushion of 5 mph (ie. if a pit lane speed is 55 mph, then any speed over 60 is an infraction), you can self-serve a drive through penalty only under green flag conditions after leaving pit lane of the lap when the infraction occurred. When leaving pit lane of the infraction lap you must announce to the field that you are serving a self-serve drive through penalty for hot pitting. If you are found to have broken this rule, and you do not serve a drive through, a"TWO lap penalty will be issued as well as being placed behind all of the drivers at the end of the lap you have been penalized, for example if you are on the lead lap at the end of the race and you were determined to have hot pitted you will be placed -2 laps behind all the competitors that are also 2 laps down.. If this happens there will be no appeal.

 4a. If at anytime while in pit lane a competitor runs into another driver on pit lane and causes the driver hit to speed that speeding penalty will be cleared.

 4b. Driving through pit stall's prior to your stall. You can only drive through a maximum of one stall regardless of the pitting situation. If the person pitting directly behind you is also entering the pits in close proximity you must avoid driving through their pit. Any confrontations on this rule will be dealt will by the series administrator at his discretion.

5.  Race incidents will first try and be worked out by the ones involved after a 12 hr.  cooling off period. Please  use the Teamspeak3 "TALK IT OUT" channel or e-mail and please remember this is a game.  If it can't be worked out by parties involved a review panel will review replays submitted for review and render a decision with 7 days of the submittal. There will be no right to appeal after the review panel makes a decision.