Start and Park Rules

Rules may be added or changed if/when there are problems or suggestions that warrant a rules change. Rules will be voted in by League Administrators.  Changes to the rules are highlighted in yellow (like this).  These rules apply across all weeknight series.  Our Wednesday night Open Setup Gen6BR15 series will have Stage racing.  All other weeknights will have Fixed Setups without Stage racing.  We also have “Sunday Funday” that has Open Setup racing; there will be no points awarded on that night.

Summary of changes:

Our intent is quite simple, if drivers can race cleanly and safely, you are always in good standing with All Star Racing (ASR).  We are all adults.  With respect and honor, everyone will drive with caution and care.

THIS IS A GAME. It’s not your job. It’s not for a paycheck. Nobody gets physically injured. The damage to the cars do NOT cost you a dime.  We all get frustrated when things don’t go our way in a race.  Nobody is perfect.  Keep this in mind when racing.

  1. Any complaints will be sent to series race administrator.  Each night of the week, a series race administrator is in the race.
  2. All drivers must be 18 or older and must connect using DSL, Cable, or Fiber.
  3. All drivers must be connected on TeamSpeak PRIOR to Qualifying to be eligible to race.
    TeamSpeak is for real-time information so that everyone is aware of the current situation.
    TeamSpeak is a place to get to know each other and have fun. Unfortunately, sometimes people can get their feelings hurt with teasing, joking etc. (please have a thick skin sometimes when needed).
    If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  Continued arguing about an issue will NOT be allowed. Admins are responsible to end arguments, disagreements, etc.
  4. The Server may be reset just before qualifying.  Drivers can NOT leave the server during this reset. If any driver does leave, they will not be allowed to race.
  5. ALL races must begin as scheduled, unless there are server issues requiring a delayed start time. To ensure adherence to the scheduled start times, any competitor arriving after all qualifying has been completed will not be allowed to race. Restarting of the server will not be allowed after the qualifying session has been completed for the purpose of allowing a late competitor the opportunity to run. We have competitors from numerous time zones (including other countries). To delay a scheduled race because of a late entry is not fair to the drivers who arrived on time.
  6. No burnouts at any starts during race. However, during practice, happy hour, and after the race, knock yourself out.
  7. NO RESTARTS at the start of the race under normal conditions.  Admins are allowed to make a call under special circumstances; such as server problems.
  8. All drivers in a race are asked to keep chatter to a very minimum during caution periods. We ask this so all drivers can hear their spotters. This will help eliminate any confusion as where to be in the lineup BEFORE going back to green.
  9. BLACK FLAGS: Clearing of black flags must be kept to a minimum.
    It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are listening to their spotter for positioning.  Game “glitches” are an exception and this will be determined by the administrator. The decision made by the administrator is final. Admins will not clear black flags due to a driver’s inattention. If at any time, while in pit lane, a competitor runs into another driver on pit lane and causes the driver that was hit to speed, that speeding penalty will be cleared.  Black flags for the “lucky dog” will be cleared.
  11. BAD CONNECTIONS; If you have excessive blinking or warping, we recommend you first move to the back of the field when you can safely do so.  If not, please get off the track so as not to disrupt the other drivers.  If a driver loses connection to the server twice, we ask that you remain out for the remainder of that race.
  12. PITTING: Racing etiquette applies here.  Auto chat or team speak notification must be used entering and exiting pits during race. This is one of the BIG reasons we use TeamSpeak; to clearly indicate what action a driver is taking PRIOR to the action.  We HIGHLY recommend that you verbally indicate what you are doing and use AutoChat.  (Some examples are “Entering/Exiting the Pits”, “Pass High”, “Pass Low”, “Lost a gear”, “Starting in 2nd gear”, or “Pitting to go Eat J”).
  13. Driving through pit stalls prior to your stall. You can only drive through a maximum of one stall regardless of the pitting situation. If the person pitting directly behind you is also entering the pits in close proximity you must avoid driving through their pit. Any confrontations on this rule will be dealt with by the series administrator at his discretion.
  14. Passing in the pits stall area of PIT LANE.  No one can pass an opponent on the left hand while the opponent is in the pit stall area of pit road. A 2-lap penalty will be issued to the driver making such said pass.
  15. If there is a problem with drivers not lining up in correct order in time before the green flag, please make the administrator aware of the situation ASAP.  The admin will “throw a caution”, if necessary, which will add another lap to allow the field to get in correct order. There will be absolutely no pitting while field is being aligned.
  16. WRECKS HAPPEN. We all have caused them and been the helpless victim of them.  THIS IS A GAME.
    1. Save your replay.
    2. Absolutely no blaming of others or making personal calls on who caused the wreck.
    3. “MAN UP” RULE - The driver that causes the caution will “MAN UP” and identify that they caused the caution.  You may use TeamSpeak and/or type a “C” in chat in the game. The driver that caused the caution will no longer serve a penalty.
  17. 2 CAUTION RULE.  If you cause 2 cautions, please exit the game during that caution period.
  18.  “TALK IT OUT”: If race incidents cannot be worked out during the race QUICKLY, there will NOT be a long, drawn out “He did this…” conversation.
  19. NO INTENTIONAL WRECKING OR RETALIATION:  Blatant retaliation on the track will NOT be tolerated. Violations will be dealt with swiftly and you could be parked for the rest of the race and/or go before a review board. Penalties will be decided from there.
  20. Who is at fault?  Bottom Line:  If you lose control of your car and others wreck because of it, it’s your fault.  If you run into someone and cause a wreck, it’s your fault.
    Examples of when we consider a driver to be responsible for a caution:
    1. If Driver A moves up or down out of his current driving lane and wrecks Driver B, it is Driver A’s fault.
    2. If Driver A bumps Driver B from behind and causes Driver B to lose control of his car, it is Driver A’s fault.
    3. If you hit the wall or get out of shape which causes the driver(s) behind you to stack up and cause a wreck... It’s your fault.
    4. If you dive bomb into the corner under someone, which results in a wreck, it’s your fault. It is the responsibility of the driver trying to pass to make sure the driver in front can race his line. It is preferred that the passing car set him up on the straightaway.
    5. If you go down to the apron (below yellow/white line) and cause a caution by forcing another driver up the track when you try to get back on the track, it is your fault; exception is if the driver in front loses control and gets out of shape, forcing the driver behind to go below the line in order to not get into the back of him.
  21. Take the Caution if you think you are to blame.  Admin reviews should be avoided at all cost.
    1. If a driver does not claim the caution/accident, the admin will have to review the replay after the race and make a determination. If you want the admin to see it from your point of view, please send your clip of the incident to the series admin.
    2. Points will be adjusted based on that review. Loss of Stage points and/or position points for the event may be imposed.  An admin’s review determination is final.  There are no appeals to an admin review.
  22. Actions will be taken for drivers that keep committing reckless errors. It’s no fun for anyone to make laps for multiple cautions. A review panel will discuss and view saved replays of reckless driving. If a driver is determined to be reckless, action will be taken resulting in deduction of points or sitting out a race. If these actions continue, there will be a vote by a review panel to the have driver removed from the league.
  23. If you are on the tail of the lead lap you have the right to race to stay on the lead lap; Driver’s option.  However, if you are obviously slower than the leaders, you should move out of the way and let them pass and wait for a lucky dog to get back on the lead lap.
  24. LUCKY DOG, LUCKY DOG, I’M A LUCKY DOG: The first driver a lap or more down when a caution occurs will be given a lap back only if they did not cause the caution. If the first driver a lap down caused the caution, then the Lucky Dog is awarded to the next driver in succession. The admin will declare who will receive the Lucky Dog.  The Lucky Dog can pit when the game allows.  After completing the pit stop, the Lucky Dog will then carefully pass on the inside of the cars until you get beside the Pace Car or Leader.  When the caution lights go out, the Lucky Dog will carefully drive around the track and move up to the end of the line.  The Admin will clear the black flag when the race goes green.
    One EXCEPTION will be ROAD COURSES: Lucky Dog MUST go into the pits first time by (only time) and wait until all the cars leave pit road then file in at the rear. The admin will give that driver his lap back when he returns to the track.
  25. 10 LAPS TO GO:  Racing back to the line is allowed the last 10 laps of the race and Lucky Dog will be issued until last opportunity.
  26. NO DRIVER SUBSTITUTIONS: There will be NO DRIVER substitutions in any series, unless there are extreme circumstances.  As always, admins have the right to make an exception.
  27. There will be no advertising for other leagues.