Logitech G25 Settings

Done by  (RIT)RacerRich

    So you just bought and new Logitech g25 racing wheel but aren't sure how to get it setup or you might not be totally satisfied with your settings that you are currently using now. I have been tweaking my wheel and settings since the first day I got my wheel about 2 months ago and finally satisfied with my results.

First thing first make sure you have your profiler software downloaded and ready to use.

Second thing to take in as a mental note is each track you go to it is fine to tweak you force feedback settings in your nascar racing 2003 season game.

 Finally here are all my settings, I will post easy Instructions for you to use and help get that high tech wheel feeling as smooth as possible.




1st. Open Logitech Profiler.

2nd Click on profile and create a game profile. Skip this step if you already have a current profile.

All pictures are hyperlinked so feel free to click for a better view.

3rd Step is to click on specific game settings under edit tab and set your settings to match this picture.

Next step is global profiler settings under options

After that global device settings under options

Next step is steering wheel axis properties at bottom left side of profiler. Left click and choose axis properties.

Next under same column is the Accelerator properties.

Same column this time Brake Properties.

Next and final step open up your Nascar Racing 2003 season game and go to the options page to set up your force feedback settings. These are my settings that I use. But may vary a little from person to person depending on the feel of the wheel and  the type of track you are racing on.

I start my force feedback at 30% for all tracks and work from that starting point. Don't run any dead zone or damping as this can causes unwanted feelings in the wheel.

Run your steering linearity at 95%

I hope these settings will make this wheel more enjoyable for you and help you get better finishes.

With a smooth wheel it is allot easier for you to diagnose your setups with a better feel for your race car.

And if you are one of those people that aren't sure if this wheel is worth the money. Stop thinking about it and order one because this wheel is worth every penny and is very high in quality. Over time this wheel will produce better finishes for you.