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Season 39 Championship Grids

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The MOD for Tonight's Race is

ASR is open to all drivers and donations are appreciated

ts3 ip

Need a track on this week's schedule, click on the mod button below for the track in that series.

CWS15 Trucks  Xfinity  Gen 6 BR15 Open  AERO 88  Gen 6 Fixed

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We usually have from 10 to 22 drivers at every race every day......  




Sim Racing Servers at                            







No need to register with our league to run Open server races

 Practice starts @ 8:15 and Qualifying time 9:00 pm EST "SHARP" in all night races



ALL members must read the rules before racing @ ASRacingN2K3,we strictly enforce the rules to ensure even competition..

You must be at least 18 years of age to register or race in this league. 

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