All Star Racing has a core of drivers that understand the type of racing required to have very competitive racing and still enjoy the gentelmen give and take style that offers anyone a chance to win any event because your chances of staying in the race without getting wrecked out are what we strive for... You can't win if ya don't finish.. Core members not only will race you clean and hard but will help you in any areas if you need it...

If you are looking for a league with serious racing and where the pit stratedgy and good driving plays into a win this is the place for you..

If you wish to only race with us on our open server night Friday or Sunday mornings then you do not need to register, simply connect through RaceLM Arena.. The password will be cleared.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we all look forward to meeting new drivers..


Still thinking of joining ?? Other options Here.

If you have RaceLM Arena installed as non-member and have a working Teamspeak3 and mic, we also welcome anyone intrested in seeing how we operate while racing.. if you join teamspeak while we are having our hour practice any night.. Please join our teamspeak3 on our main page and we will be right there to talk with you and clear password for you to get in.. 

Questions can be sent to davidchinn88@gmail.com